The First Day of the Rest of My Life A Journey to Healing 2

While the first post took me weeks to write, mostly because I wasn’t really, mentally, ready, I feel that this update is needed.

Yesterday the big 5 week mark came and I went back to Upstate Syracuse Hospital to get the wires off my teeth. Now, while many might think ‘wires’ as in what the Orthodontic Dentist glues on your teeth, to make your smile beautiful, these are very different. The wires I had on for 5 weeks were there to hold my jaw in place and they hurt my gums 24/7. They were literally wires wired in between my teeth. I knew the removal procedure was painful but came thinking positive.

Oh My!! I have to admit that it was ALMOST beyond the level of pain I could endure, and I’m still not clear why this procedure is done without full, total, knock-you-out anesthetics, but sitting there for 30 minutes, I only thought of kissing my kids again. Pain free. I want to say it made it all better but not really….. it was hard. After 30 minutes of pulling, twisting and a lot more pulling, I was wire free.

It took a good half hour to settle the pain but what was funny was the way the Dr finished, said good-bye, no need for follow ups, left and we were done. No hugs, no pats on my back ‘you did great’, no Good Luck on your journey…. just basically show yourself out and that we did.

What can I say? the feeling of being after was everything I dreamt of for 5 long weeks. Being pain-free felt so good that I even smiled with my mouth-full-of-broken-teeth. It felt free and we went to drink coffee and eat chicken soup and I felt like a new person.

My husband, my rock, was with me and although I tried to convey these emotions, the excitement, I guess he was just happy it was over. Maybe hearing me talk about wires on wires off for 40 minutes was a bit much…. I get that….

Next was the orthopedic Dr. We went and I got X-Ray’s and there, as well, only good news. The cast is off and I need to start PT to bend my fingers. Oh My! after 5 weeks in a cast, a simple thing like bending my pinky takes the air out of my lungs.

But, this is truly the first day of the rest of my life!

Now it is up to me to train my mouth to open and my hand to bend. In 12 days I am allowed to ride again and I can’t wait. I will start indoors till then, and I know I will fear getting on the bike and might go a lot slower for a long time but I will be back to it all…..

Next up will be fixing my broken teeth. I have always been proud of my teeth and how strong and straight they were…. oh well….. like my Angle promised me when I fell…. Dentists can do wonders and I hope indeed that will be my case.

So whatever your day looks like,

however hard or frustrating,

smile, and tell yourself that this, today, right now is

The First Day of The Rest Of Your Life,

and make the most out of it.

Have a wonderful day and many many more!

A note – it’s been a couple of month since I wrote this and I feel the need to add to anyone going out, all excited to do a group sport…. remember that being a part of a group is very VERY different from being on your own. You need to think of others, be constantly aware and in the moment, communicate and care about the others. If you are passing, pass wide and safe, if you are approaching someone call out, if you see something dangerous, share with others. Be a PART of your surrounding. Even if it is competition but even more if not. Your awareness and attention might save a life, or at least prevent accidents…..


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