Marketing, Branding & Consulting

We are all our own brand. The way we treat others, our clothes, our behaviors are all part of our brand the one we are creating for yourself. The way we chose to live, is the brand we want to be remembered for. For as long as i can remember, I have been in marketing. Building, creating, developing and supporting brands- beer, carbonated beverages, wine, juices, vitamins, coffee, chocolates, alcohol. Many great brands that are international, global and also local.

Developing new products, having focus groups, shooting ads, defining the brand personality, brand perception, target markets, communications language and channels are all a part of the exciting world of marketing. I love marketing and sales and mostly, I love consumers.

Branding and marketing are exciting, and for many also overwhelming. Where-ever you go, you are marketed to. Every message is tailored to you, at that exact spot. Even if you don’t leave your house, you are targeted through TV, your Facebook activity, every page you open on your browser and through your phone and mail.

We really can not hide or escape. But, we can be aware and be smart.

Many small businesses I meet say to me “I’m told I must Instagram, must have a website, have to Facebook, need to Tweet. I have to be there all the time. Out there, where my consumers are.” But it is time-consuming and most small businesses are busy managing their business and do not know how to do all that

 A2Z Marketing is here to help!

We work with small businesses to help map the best communications channels for each business. Not everyone needs to be on Instagram or Twitter. Not every company needs an expensive website that needs constant updates. Not every business needs to be on Facebook. Some do. But, some don’t.

The rich and diverse options available are meant to make your life easier. It is meant to enable you to reach your consumers when relevant, and the way that is most fitting.

Our work is to:

1. Understand your business.

2. Create the best communications platform for YOU.

3. Help define your target consumers.

4. Define your message.

5. Map the communications channels available, and decide which are relevant for YOU.

6. Help set up your communication platform.

7. Help you learn how to manage your communication- how to update your Facebook page, how to Instagram or tweet, if relevant etc.


We work on project basis. This kind of project usually takes 2 month. After which, we can continue supporting you as needed.


A2Zmarketing also engages in long-term projects as needed.


Contact us to schedule our first meeting. FREE.

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