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My name is Tal and I live in Ithaca NY. Ever since I can remember myself I have loved to bake and have always explored in the kitchen. Every event we had in the family I was the first to volunteer to make the food and desserts. I especially love yeast. Working with yeast and creating anything from rolls to bread to amazing yeast cakes are my biggest pleasures. But any ingredient is fun to work with- chocolate, cream cheese, eggs, marzipan, nuts, fruit, and whipped cream. Anything!

My best creations- Aya, Noga and Itai

In 2014 I decided to turn my passion into my business and started my catering – Ba-Li Cravings. Starting a business is not easy, but I felt it was my destiny. I am supposed to make people happy through delicious food and indulgent desserts.

At first, i worked out of a rented commercial kitchen but in 2015, it was time to commit to Ba-Li Cravings, and I built my own commercial kitchen. Little did I know what building a commercial kitchen meant, or the investment needed, but it felt right. I created a support community around my within it the SBA (Small Business Administration), who offer consulting, I joined a local BNI (read more here), and was accepted into an unbelievable program called Passenger to Pilot; A Woman’s Entrepreneur program started in Ithaca NY by Ariana Blossom and REV Ithaca (more about REV here). The program mentors and supports woman entrepreneurs on their journey to success. All these, and the support of the larger community, has helped me build my business and my hard work, love and passion for it, helps it grow every day.

My gut told me to start, I listened, and I am happy I did. With my hands deep in dough, chocolate or chickpeas, I know this is the right place for me to be. The emails and outburst of love I get back from clients and guests, are the reason I chose this path and what keeps me going.

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Feeling like a delicious treat this week? Want to recreate a childhood recipe you remember? Want to enjoy dairy free or gluten free treats? Have an event and need help? Contact me anytime!  I will help your event or craving come true!

Follow me on facebook as well http://www.facebook.com/balicravings

Contact me <a href=”http://www.thumbtack.com/Ba-Li-Cravings-Ithaca-NY/service/646447″>Ba-Li Cravings</a>

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  1. Dear,
    You are great!
    I know! feel! see! that one day you’ll have a big place from yourself,
    This is what you have to do,
    love you

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