Get To Know Me Better – Tal Oron Cohen

Strategic Creator, International Marketer, Brand Builder, Business Developer, Entrepreneur


An International, Multi-lingual Executive with more than 20 years of experience in International markets. Expert in analyzing new market opportunities internationally, creating branding concepts for successful penetrations of brands and companies, as well as adapting existing ones to new markets. Experience with working with local managements and marketing teams, importers, corporations, public relations and communications companies as well as media in order to execute penetration and growth plans. Recent Caterer specializing in Mediterranean cuisine, eager baker, blogger and recipe creator. Working a lot with Gluten Free and Dairy Free restrictions, loves dough and baking.

Areas of Expertise

  • Strategic Planning                                                                   • Innovation
  • Marketing                                                                                  • Export Markets
  • Business Development                                                            • New Market Identification
  • Event Planning                                                                          • Branding
  • Consulting                                                                                  • Product Development
  • Coordinating community events                                           • Concept Development
  • Digital Marketing                                                                     • Food Blogger
  • Advertising                                                                                • Partnership Development
  • Promotions                                                                                • Caterer


Ba-Li Cravings Catering                                                                                                   2014 – Present

  • Catering various size events from sweets and baked goods to full meals.
  • Food specialties: Mediterranean cuisine, Bakery, Sweets, Gluten Free and Dairy Free.
  • Giving the best customer service to everyone I work with including helping to plan and organize events and helping create long lasting memories.
  • Eager Food Blogger and Social Media Communicator writing about food, recipes and flavors.



Independent Consultant                                                                                          2006-Present

  • Create social marketing plans and execution for companies, including definition, outline and design (not the technical creation part) of websites, management of Facebook, twitter and online newsletters/marketing and social communication with target markets.
  • Analyzing US companies, market place, competitors and developing strategic plans including development, growth strategies and implementation programs.
  • Supporting a US R&D company with clients needing marketing, consumer research, focus groups and more.
  • Define the penetration and growth strategies for food and beverage companies entering the US market
  • Identify and research new market opportunities and marketing for Israel’s leading juice brand in the US and Israel’s fastest growing boutique winery.
  • Create importer-distributor-broker network for juice and wine brands in the US.
  • Create new product and new brand concepts for beverage and children’s vitamins.
  • Plan and execute events across the US
  • Develop and maintain meaningful professional relationships and networking
  • Lead tasting events and hold presentations and media interviews
  • Represent brands at Specialty and Retail food shows locally and nationally.


For more information, questions and to set up meeting, please contact me today.


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